We design bold, tailored people solutions that deliver value across an entire organisation. This often means combining our service options for the greatest impact, or phasing your activity to tie your people needs to your commercial growth. 

Wherever you are in your organisation's growth, we have a suite of proven services that help you attract, develop and retain the best possible talent.

And we guarantee our work for 12 months.

We have grouped our services into five specialised offerings, detailed below. If you have any questions about the services themselves or how best to combine them, please get in touch direct by clicking below.

We look forward to working with you to take your company, and your people, to the next level.

What we love to do


To take your team and your business to the next level

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HUNT: To search determinedly for someone or something.

The only way to deliver the best people outcomes is a next-level understanding of businesses, markets, individual challenges, commercial cycles and the future of work, today. 

Our processes have been proven and refined for over 40 years and are among the most thorough in the industry. 

Our success rests on a dynamic partnership with you,  and understanding your business now and into the future.  We challenge the status quo, finding bold, audacious solutions to your challenges, and as a true partner in your business, being honest every step of the way.  

We are passionate about solving our client's people needs with tailored solutions and guarantee our placements for 12 months.



EXPLORE: to search, discover, think or talk about something in order to find out more about it.

It is both a passion and a privilege to support organisations and individuals going through transition. Regardless of the circumstances precipitating the change, we work to take the pain and risk out of the process for both our clients and their people. We are here to support you every step of the way.

From outplacement services, to helping you transition in your career, our proven and comprehensive programs work. We support and guide organisations and team members through the change and individuals into their next opportunity - up to 50% faster than those without support.


Our regional relocation services also provide an additional layer of assistance during periods of change for a smoother transition for individuals, their families and their new employer.

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SPARK: A sense of liveliness and excitement


Your people are a precious resource, made even more so when you understand the true nature and the mechanics behind inspiring a team to reach higher. 


We partner with you to identify potential within your teams and uncover the development needs of top talent to inspire, enliven and push them to be their best.


This process demonstrates your belief and investment in them both today and tomorrow. And when you consider your best people as investments, their inspiration and development are an excellent bet. 

Perhaps we're advising your Board on the best fit for your senior leadership team, or working to identify the best internal candidate for a promotion or transfer. Whether we're advising on a 'spill and fill' or working with you to uncover your hidden talent, our solutions are tailored to meet your people and overall commercial needs. 



DESIGN: To do or plan something  with a specific purpose in mind

We understand not every business has the resources to dedicate to an in-house HR manager, yet most accept people are their greatest asset - and also their greatest challenge. This is where we come in.

Our clients benefit from decades of frontline HR and management experience backed by specialists in industrial relations (IR), internal communications, learning and development (L&D) and remuneration and benefits. This translates to a broad, commercially realistic and cost-effective approach to HR.


We wrap proven systems and methodologies around the business to deliver a complete view of your organisation to ensure your HR approach works to support and enable the entire business. We help drive your commercial outcomes from the inside out.

With a focus on strategic internal communications and messaging at all levels of the organisation, we identify the hotspots, and deliver realistic solutions across the board. 

Whether you're bringing us in for a certain number of hours or days a month, or investing in a bundle of hours to use as needed, we guarantee you'll work with partner level consultants and subject matter experts with a true focus on ROI.

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GOVERNMENT: the group of people who officially

control a country

Powered by Horton International, our team of specialists have unparalleled experience addressing the unique people challenges and needs of Government organisations. 

With experience across all levels of Government and facets of the people piece, our team understands the complexities of attracting, developing and retaining people in the Government space both in metropolitan and regional settings.