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For some 40 years the Reddin name has been synonymous with quality and value driven HR consulting, executive search and recruitment, talent assessment, coaching and career transition and outplacement consulting. Today’s announcement sees Reddin Consulting Group adding further organisational development expertise in addition to psychological assessment to their toolkit.

David Reddin, Director of Reddin Consulting Group, sees the partnership as a natural evolution of both businesses.

“We have worked for 15 years with Value Edge Consulting across a number of organisational development projects and they have, of course, been our provider of psychological assessment as part of the recruitment and coaching we do” he said. “By officially bringing our two businesses together we expand the scope of activity we can deliver to our clients, as well as depth”.

Rachael Davidson is the Director and CEO of Value Edge Consulting, having commenced her career as a Consultant Psychologist there in 1992. She is confident the partnership will give clients access to a broader range of options to support and round out their people and organisational development.

“The Reddin and Value Edge teams work extremely well together, and we’ve seen countless examples of the powerful combination of our two areas of expertise coming together to deliver comprehensive solutions. Solutions our clients tell us they wouldn’t have thought of themselves” she said. “It’s definitely another piece of the strategic puzzle everyone will benefit from”.

The merger takes effect today, with Value Edge becoming Value Edge Consulting, powered by Reddin Consulting Group.


The Reddin Consulting Group, comprised of davidreddin.com, Reddin People and now, Value Edge, designs bold, tailored people solutions to deliver value across an entire organisation. Since 1983 they have been delivering world-class HR consultation, executive search and selection, organisational development, talent assessment, coaching and outplacement services to clients around the world.


Delivering organisational development, productivity improvement and psychological assessment, Value Edge has been helping business grow and develop for over 25 years. Their commitment to a practical approach to improving organisational performance, combined with their intimate understanding of behaviour and motivation has seen them grow countless leaders and businesses in that time.

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