Our team believes that how you achieve the outcome is as important as the outcome itself

And to them, this means having fun doing what they love.

It means utilising their skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients across the organisations they work with.

It means having the courage to be bold and audacious in their work, and encourage their clients to do the same.

It means backing themselves - not only in their day-to-day work, but with a 12-month guarantee on all executive search and recruitment placements. This is more than double the industry average and in some cases, four times as long.

And for our clients, this means handing over their people challenges and being delighted with the results we deliver back while also enjoying the process and having fun along the way. 


Highly experienced, committed and fun to work with - meet the team


As Director (and company namesake), David does more than lead a team of committed consultants.


With 40-plus years executive search, recruitment, HR, coaching and commercial experience across dozens of industries regionally, in capital cities and around the world, David still loves the work and finding bold and audacious solutions for his clients.


He is a true commercial partner understanding the much bigger picture and how the people piece supports and grows this, whether in a metropolitan or regional setting.


David is a trusted coach whose approach, to understand a person’s life goals in order to truly plan a career, has grown and developed countless executives over the years, both professionally and personally. Or so they’ve told him.


Something of a wine and chocolate connoisseur, David usually enjoys these by the fire with one of his beloved dogs in his lap.

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Andrew brings a wealth of commercial insight and know-how to the team with nearly 25 years’ experience,  14 of those with IBM, working in roles across business development and finance. This experience saw him manage projects dedicated to integrating  acquired organisations into IBMs operating and HR infrastructure. A perfect segue into executive search and recruitment, where he has excelled for the past 10 years.


Fuelled by a keen interest in agriculture, professional services and manufacturing sectors, Andrew has recruited a range of senior management positions and unique technical specialist functions into these industries, with meaningful and commercially driven outcomes for his clients, across their entire organisation. 


Also a numbers man, Andrew is a qualified CPA who is married and a father of three young children. Andrew is a passionate sailor and has competed in both Victorian and Australian Championship Sailing Regattas.

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Merran has worked in and around recruitment her entire career, gaining valuable experience in consultancies large and small.


After a 10-year stint in the UK, Merran rounded out her commercial exposure in the hospitality sector managing a large, high profile hospitality business. This is where her appreciation of the impact of meaningful and robust recruitment, as well as development and retention strategies was further honed. She saw firsthand that the power of delivering an impeccable customer experience started first and foremost with her own staff. 

 Returning to a major national recruitment consultancy in Melbourne, Merran was able to add real value whilst  building high performance teams and locating the talent organisations were unable to access. Despite her success however, the lack of a personalised approach just wasn’t a fit for Merran, as she was more focused on being able to deliver real value to her clients by becoming an extension of their business. She brings exposure across the Education, Government, NFP, Manufacturing and Consumer sectors.

 It is her commitment to adding  value through a true client partnership that saw Merran become a partner in davidreddin.com where she is strong on problem solving, driving HR strategies and offering solutions across executive search, talent assessment, career transition and outplacement, coaching and training.


When Merran isn’t whipping up treats to share with her friends over a glass of red, she’s walking, cycling, or fine tuning her tennis game.

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Lyn is a true and proven Administrator  who draws on her vast experience across different industries and business sizes. Realising early on she had a knack for setting up effective systems, juggling multiple priorities, diary and travel management, remembering things others forgot and smoothing out stressed situations, she also found she really enjoyed this role and had fun along the way. 


Described as the hub of davidreddin.com, Lyn really is at the heart of the business – a heart she identifies as a working environment of honesty, transparency, quality outcomes and going the extra mile in delighting a client. She achieves all this alongside her colleagues, being able to stretch the limits of her role as the davidreddin.com business has grown.


An avid traveller, Lyn has seen much of the world and commits to seeing more and not visiting the same place twice.

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Horace also brings over 30 years international commercial experience to davidreddin.com. Commencing his career in accounting and finance in the UK, Horace is an experienced auditor and business advisor – skills that held him in excellent stead to lead Australia’s largest corporate downsize when recruited by David Reddin some 20 years ago. 


Over the seven years of the downsizing project, Horace managed a multi-million dollar business with multiple competing stakeholders, managed a large and growing team and worked with unions and politicians ensuring a national program was rolled out consistently. At the conclusion of the project Horace returned to several CFO roles, but with a renewed focus on the people aspect of the businesses he worked for.


Returning to us in 2012, Horace now works with the team as our  Financial Controller and Systems Consultant.  He also consults to SME clients around compliance and governance, their financial and reporting systems, processes and structures while always focusing on ways to take complexity out to replace it with accurate, understandable and meaningful results. 


Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese Horace also loves to walk. And by walk, we mean from one side of the UK to the other - 309 km from St Bee's in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire in just 16 days. With some good food and wine along the way. 

Robin brings 40 years of local and international experience in executive search and senior level recruitment.


Having worked across a range of industries, Robin understands the impact actively recruiting the right people into the right roles has across an entire organisation.  In his experience this has a huge impact on the bottom line – which is where his experience began. 


Robin started his career as a Chartered Accountant - a qualification he keeps current and that underpins his Fellowship of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in both Australia and NZ, England and Wales. His senior finance roles in publishing and education in the UK prepared him for his move into recruitment and, in 1982, he migrated to Australia to work with Ernst & Whinney as Director, Personnel, later managing the firm’s executive search practice.  


Ten years later Robin joined Horton International and was elected to the group’s international Board in 2001 as Asia/Pacific Regional Coordinator, and as Chairman of the international group from April 2006 until the end of 2014. 


Robin has an active interest in international affairs, and in a wide range of sports including AFL, test cricket, rugby union and soccer. 





Mark has built a career in strategic and operational HR/ER and IR over 30 years in both the public and private sectors. This sees his networks into employer bodies, unions and government at all levels extremely well developed and over this time, Mark’s skills have been utilised in training, advocacy, mediation, counselling and presenting. 


During his career, Mark has supported senior teams with practical, workable and commercially realistic advice. He understands that  careful risk management underpins every outcome.


Mark has seen firsthand the value of helping businesses understand their roles and accountabilities. This includes  the parameters within which we all work, the consequences of not delivering or breaking the “rules”, ensuring there is due and fair process, negotiating outcomes and keeping lines of communication open.


Perhaps it is these elements of his work that underpin Mark’s keen interest in Australian military history including many battlefield visits.


Jill is an integral part of the davidreddin.com back-of-house team. She is focused on supporting our team of partners and consultants, providing research assistance, tender analysis and costing, client and candidate/participant contact, supplier relationship management, and accounts payable and receivable.


Jill adds real value to the team through her extensive experience in business, working in a large family owned metals manufacturing operation servicing a very demanding customer base. She really gets what makes a business work and succeed. 


The depth Jill adds to our team comes from her exposure over many years to functions as diverse as Accounting and Payroll, Supply Chain, Quality, and Customer Service. She has worked alongside businesses both large and small and is used to liaising managers and teams at all levels.


Personally, Jill is an avid lover of history and reading. She is addicted to good coffee and food and, like so many members of the davidreddin.com team, spends a lot of her time (but not too much of it!) outside work looking after her Labrador dog………oh, and her family.

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Michelle has been building her expertise as a personal brand strategist for over 20 years. Her “Why” is creating outcomes through helping people stand out, leave a legacy, and grow their personal brands, manage careers and develop into influential leaders.


During her career, she has learnt from the best and successfully sustained a coaching practice for over 15 years. She is certified as a REACH Social Branding Analyst; a Personal Image Management Coach; certified in Conversational Intelligence for Coaches and Enhanced Skills Practitioner for Narrative Coaching.


Business highlights include profitable business development with leading consulting firms; coaching sales executives with global responsibilities; led national teams including recruitment; training and delivery strategies; and successfully delivered coaching programs for leadership effectiveness and high potential career management.  Michelle has partnered with many executives to achieve high value transitions both in corporate and entrepreneurial endeavours.


Since relocating to the Mornington Peninsula, Michelle is rediscovering the joys of coastal living; emerging wineries and live music.

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Rachael has spent her career doing what she loves - helping  people to be their best at work. 


Starting out as an organisational psych and consultant, Rachael then moved ‘client side’ where she held a number of internal human resources / organisational development roles with professional services companies. There, Rachael built internal capacity to support the development of employees, from graduates through to experienced specialists in their fields. During this period she also worked for the Federal government, managing large scale selection processes for various agencies.

In the past few years Rachael moved back into the organisational psychology space adding value to our clients' businesses as a trusted advisor on their ‘people’ questions. She is regularly involved in working alongside them to find practical solutions to their selection, development and coaching needs.

In her personal time, Rachael enjoys looking after her large, rambling garden, helps out in her local community and supports the local food and wine establishments in Healesville, all with her beloved dog, Abby, as her shadow.

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With over 20 years experience in marketing, communications and public relations, Kate is an accomplished and experienced practitioner. She brings a wealth of experience across a huge range of industries and has worked with our team for over decade. 

Working with our clients, Kate's commitment to communicating from the inside out differentiates our programs in the marketplace and adds layers of depth and support to our offering. 


No one message fits all and Kate's ability to come to grips with our clients' businesses both in terms of their internal messaging and how they are perceived in the wider marketplace means we deliver informed, robust and tailored communications solutions to underpin any HR work we do.

Kate also brings an impressive shoe collection, need-for-cheese and a love of words and sayings and where they came from. In an office full of dog lovers Kate flies the cat flag high - his name IS Elvis after all!

As our Marketing Director's sidekick, Liz is relied upon to support both our clients' marketing and communications activities, and our own. 


Liz is energised by collaboration with others to bring bright ideas to life and derives great pleasure from creating meaningful connections with clients, co-workers and everyone she encounters.


She brings this approach and enthusiasm to her work with us, and our clients', particularly around outplacement and internal communications. Her robust executive support experience; having worked in advertising, brand design, not-for-profit and a plethora of other industries in Australia, the UK and most recently, The Netherlands, holds her in excellent stead to help manage the vital and sometimes delicate element of communications, supporting our team, and our clients all the way. 


Liz is well traveled but found herself recently grounded with the arrival of her daughter. And wouldn't have it any other way

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We would like to honour the memory of our friend and colleague, Andy, who passed away on the 16th of October, 2019.


Andy was a valued member of our team and our deepest sympathies go to his family. We will miss Andrew's insight, analysis and extensive knowledge on such a broad (and random!) range of topics. And, of course, his (one) suit jacket with the hole in the sleeve!